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New Code!

Levee has been pushed up to version 3.4p with the addition of autoconfiguration via, better support for randomly sized terminals (Linux consoles, terminal windows on GUIs), and another round of code cleanup to make gcc less whiny about my (K&R) C code.

This code was released because I got a letter from Felipe Augusto van de Wiel, from the Debian Project, asking if I'd accept some patches and push the mainstream code up to 3.4p so that Debian could use a new version of the code instead of carrying a decade's worth of patches to the last published version. I've not gotten his patches yet (that's going to be version 3.4q), but after sending a "sure, send me the patches" reply, I decided on a whim to see if the existing code would compile on one of my FreeBSD boxes.

It would not, so I decided to correct that problem by cutting out the old edit 50,000 things in levee.h configuration scheme and replacing it with And while I was at it I decided I'd clean up most of the cases where new versions of gcc whined about perfectly valid K&R C code (register i? Baaaad, at least according to &^$%!!? gcc) and change termcap.i to ask the tty what size it is instead of depending on the system termcap library to return the correct values.

And now, after seven hours of programming, here's 3.4p. It builds on FreeBSD 4.8 and SLS linux (both a.out and elf), and it might even compile elsewhere. But, in any case, it's new code!