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Casualties of Brickfest

Last weekend, along with going up to the Zoo for our weekly ration of Yar!, we also stopped in for the public day at Brickfest 2007 (I was thinking about going to the whole thing, but decided not to when I realized that there was no way I'd get the lego vacuum finished in time for the show [it's a lot further along than it was on 2/28, but it's still a work in progress.]) We spent most of the time we were there looking at the big lego display, but we made a few raiding runs into the seething pit of mercantile chaos surrounding the dealer tables. We walked out with mainly little things (a small handful of girl hair, a few shields and helmets, a couple of random people parts) but there was one item that kept calling my name:


The intersection between Lego minifigs and the Star™ Wars™ world is kind of funny. The Lego Group dribbles out small runs of each kit, and as the kits go out into the marketplace they are descended on by swarms of collectors. Poor Greedo, a particularly dimwitted bounty hunter, showed up briefly in the first movie where he was shot dead when he attempted to threaten the wrong protagonist. But, despite his short and inglorious career, he managed to make his way into one lego set, which vanished with the traditional giant sucking sound into the hands of the dealers and collectors, and now, if you can even find his winsome face, you'd think he was made of solid gold for the prices he sells for.

So when I found him sitting in a dealer's booth at the public showing, I had to walk away.

And then I found myself walking back. But, no, I had to walk away. It wouldn't be prudent, doncha know.

Aaaaaaaand then I found myself walking back. And before I knew it, my wallet had been lightened and I'd become just another casualty of Brickfest.

I didn't know whether to be shocked or relieved when I discovered that the Brickfest price was less than half of the cheapest bricklink price. But Greedo is just so cute that I just couldn't help myself.