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Today's highest gas prices in Atlanta, GA, via Atlanta Gas Prices (table pruned after cutting and pasting)

5.87BPStockbridgeWed 6:44 PM
3.99BPStockbridgeWed 6:43 PM
3.99ShellSandy SpringsWed 6:43 PM
3.79ChevronSandy SpringsWed 6:42 PM

It might "only" cost US$30 billion or so to repair the damage from the BHFH (Bastard Hurricane From Hell), but I suspect those estimates didn't take into consideration the economic impact of a possible gas price bubble. And, sure, I can do my hybrid vehicle efficiency dance, but it's not going to do me any damn good if the local bus system stops running busses through Westmoreland because gas prices have gone up by a factor of 4 since they did their last budget estimation.


Those prices? Get ready for $10 a gallon.

You think this prick who has watched oil creep up to sixty, seventy dollars a barrel and didn't give a rats ass, suddenly opened up the strategic reserve to keep gas reasonable?


What do you think he heard in the last couple of days?

How bad do you think it actually is?

Worse than we know.

Ricky Zee Wed Aug 31 20:23:22 2005

I wish I knew what he was told, or was thinking. I saw a (via a weblog, so who knows if it's true) report saying that 20 drilling platforms just weren't there anymore, and that dozens of remote pumping platforms had been bent over by the storm. But then again they did dump oil after Ivan last year, so it could just be the usual Bush Junta tourettes in action.

David Parsons Thu Sep 1 00:03:25 2005

The likely scenario seems to involve mass panic among the Evil Party because demand for oil was going to exceed supply next year sometime; due to Katrina, demand exceeds supply now, and they're not sure what to do.

Graydon Thu Sep 1 17:46:24 2005

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