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Semitrivial project of the day

The bears have been in a very best-clingy phase for the last few weeks, so when the best had to go out for a couple of hours tonight (by herself! with no children! and they missed her!), my solution to the problem of two howling banshees was to "lets go down in the basement and make a new carferry for your Brio®™© railroad." After discussing (if you include "talking into gale-force screams" as "discussing") the details for a while, we went down to the basement and built a 14 car (2 tracks that hold 7 cars each) carferry.

Surprisingly, this carferry does not contain any pallet-wood. The hull and decks are built out of cedar planks from SCRAP, maple and cherry stripwood from my pile of Joinery scrapwood, plywood and a block of 1x3 from the stupid room. The pilothouses and smokestack are from a plank of 1x2 beechwood that also came from SCRAP. It's not painted yet (because all I have it a can of red paint, and I've painted too many things red recently), but I'll sneak it away and paint it as soon as I buy some more paint.


David, First of all, I'll take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your weblog. Your writing keeps me connected to you and Julie and the boys in a way I've not been since Julie's letters from her college days, so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Second, I'm continually amazed at your ingenuity for keeping Russell and Silas amused - and generally satisfied. Today's recounting of the situation leading to the building of the ferry started my day off with genuine laughter and empathy for your situation.

Third, a message to Julie. Dear Julie, I certainly don't want to understate your ingenuity for also keeping the guys satisfied. You do a great job at that, but (whether this is a positive or not) you get more practice. I identify with David more. I try to imagine what I would do if I were the main source of ideas for a couple of hours and it's way beyond my ability to imagine. After all, the few minutes I've been "in charge" have stretched my brain!

I was really happy yesterday to talk with Bettie yesterday and learn that the Canningtons fared well. I was also sad to learn about Janet's house's disappearance. Even having some experience with hurricanes, I can't imagine what Katrina wrought.

Have a good holiday weekend.

Love to you all, Lynne
Lynne Thu Sep 1 05:50:19 2005

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