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A programmer’s holiday

We went camping at Oxbow Park yesterday, and I brought along my laptop just in case I took a lot of pictures and needed something to buffer them onto (or to just look at with a screen that's got better than a 200x200 resolution.) This was not a trip for picturetaking, so I only took a dozen or so, but I did have the wireless remote I got for the Pentax, so I took the opportunity to take a self-portrait of the Artist On Holiday.

Regrettably, The Best didn't agree to my proposal to bring a two-mile extension cord, so the laptop only got fired up once to see if anyone else was crazy enough to set up a wireless network in the park; for the rest of the trip, I slunk around in the shadows avoiding the direct light of the sun and socialising.

One camping hint we need to remember for our next trip is that now that we've bought a nice cookstove to take camping, it might be useful to also bring matches to light off the fire. I woke up at 6am this morning and discovered this horrifying deficiency, which meant that I needed to wait for other people to wake up before I could get the fire started and tea made. The only thing that kept me awake is that it was very cold outside, so I was too busy shivering to fall back to sleep.


Ronson sells (or, rather, Ronson makes and Mountain Equipment Co-Op sells, and I'm sure other people do, too) refillable piezoelectric lighters for a dollar Canadian. This is cheap enough that one can stash one in with the stove, or the fuel, depending on how you do bear-proofing for flamables, and another couple-three in things like camping jacket pockets, the teapot, and so forth.

I find them way more reliable than matches.

Graydon Mon Aug 22 15:47:13 2005

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