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PV&T class XGE #X1, aka class A #201

After 3+ years of off-and-on writing, tweaking, drawing sideviews of various locomotive classes, and more writing I have finally updated the history of the Parsons Vale Lines up to approximately the current day (as a half electrificed 15,000 km railroad network under the control of a strongly pro-union trust.) It, of course, is not completely finished – I’m still making passes of image editing to improve the details of the stack of locomotive drawings (using clippings – and in a few cases the entire drawings – from the 1:25 scale images on The Railroad Paintshop) and, of course, as I think of ways to flesh out the history of the railway system, making passes at the various webpages I’ve been maintaining for a quarter of a century or so.)

This, unlike my code, is not likely to kill your computer, and it shows how one railway developed in the reality where not all railroad executives are margin-chasing buffoons.