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Power for the Alouette

Power for the Alouette
Based on profiles drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop and yours truly @ my dining room table

Amtrak #954, one of two class K2 engines built for Amtrak’s rebirth of the old B&M/CPR day train from Boston to Montréal. Amtrak ran Twinkies for about 6 years after the train was introduced in 1985, but the host railroad – the PV&T, in case you were wondering – provided these units so that it wouldn’t have to maintain diesel infrastructure on the electrified line the trains run on.

The K2 is an officially single-ended engine – the rear cab has been replaced with a HEP unit, the carbody is extended to the full length of the unit, and it’s geared for 120mph – but has the same horsepower as the regular freight class K units.

Plus it’s got a very F-unit-looking snoot, which makes the railfans happy.