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VIA (second) 1800
Based on profiles drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop and yours truly @ my dining room table

VIA Rail #1800, an ILW RSC51-E637F, which was built from the carcass of E8 #1898 (ex CP #1800) when VIA wanted to see if the big 251s in the LRCs would work well in a conventional heavyweight passenger motor. THe E637Fs were built with sculpted (at least according to ILW, which was very fond of prismatic cabs) cabs inspired by the GE UM20B demonstrators from the 1950s, and Draper Taper cutouts behind the cab for better visibility when going backwards. Like the LRCs, these locomotives used 251F/16s to get 3700 HP (and, unlike the LRCs, an automobile-sized high speed Cummins diesel to provide 400HP of HEP for station stops.)

#1800, and comrade #1802 (ex 1899) were successful enough so that VIA ordered 4 more E637Fs (actually E637F-2s, because 1800 & 1802 were the only E unit carcasses available at order time, so the new units came with Iberville-built frames & 3-axle Flexicoil trucks) and the six of them served in Atlantic Canada close to the ILW plant & freight railroads that had a passing familiarity with 251s.

They served until the Covid-19 plague — they were retired in 2020 (and sold to the BAR as freight engines) when passenger numbers plummeted (& VIA purchased Siemens Chargers for high speed rail, which pushed a bunch of GE Twinkies onto long-haul passenger routes.)