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Not actually a crocodile

A giant steeplecab
Very vaguely based on profiles drawn by Joshua Moldover, via The Railroad Paint Shop and yours truly @ my dining room table

MTRR #719 – one of the two locomotives made from parts from scrapped E60CP/DC #454 – is the ultimate DC-drivetrained locomotive on the PV&T. The power roadmap for the PV&T is only AC drivetrains (except for the overhead wire, of course; reenergising 2000 miles of 3000 vdc overhead to AC would cost an eyewateringly large amount of money) so the paint shop went out of their way to paint it in the old (post-ww2) GN-inspired orange+gold+green livery as a suitably classy bookend to the series of DC drive locomotives that started 85 years earlier with class A #201 (still in service.)