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Sofa replacement? They’ve got the cat seal of approval…

New (overstuffed) chairs, old cat

Julie found a pair of midcentury modern overstuffed chairs online, so we bought them (and rented a van to go and get them, which was only moderately terrifying because trucks tend to drive like trucks) and stuffed them into the place where the old disintegrating sofa used to be.

They actually fit well with the sectional mcm sofa I fell in love with at a used furniture store downdown (or they will after we finish cleaning out the still sadly cluttered living room!) but now we’ve got two rocking chairs floating around that need to be placed (after said cleaning of said cluttered room) before we start using it as a living room again.


Nice Cat!

Mysite Tue Aug 17 21:50:27 2021

I love Cat

Cat Tue Aug 17 21:51:14 2021