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How I spent my sunday

Loading the van

Moving 50 boxes of books (plus a dozen boxes of keepsakes) into a storage unit (plus moving a whole shitload of furniture to goodwill, then moving a big wooden table & some odds & ends to my mother’s new apartment) on a day when the temperature topped out at 112°F was, um, a new and exciting experience. If, g-d forbid, my sweetie predeceases me I’m going to edit my will to say “take a match and throw it into the house; you’ll be glad you did.”

If anyone wants a Kimball console piano and can pick it up before wednesday, sing out; we didn’t have nearly enough puff to get this almost-exactly-the-size-of-an-elevator piano out of the apartment, and definitely didn’t have enough puff to pull a 300+ pound chunk of wood and steel up the porch stairs into our house.