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Rack Lyfe

A half-height size huge Wald basket (the half-height part is a Rivendell variant – prototyped by a couple of people at Rivendell, put into production for Blue Lug, imported back into the USA (?) by Merry Sales, then sold to me by Rivendell) zip-tied to the GT’s rack, because now that we’re in the plague years I’ve gone back to grocery bags and a basket is a better way of holding them in instead of wrapping an elastic cord around the bags.


Hey there orc! Lost your card and have been wanting to chat about rack business. If you could shoot me an email at Id be super stoked!

Ps the basket/rack situation in this post is rad


Forrest Wed Apr 22 22:12:57 2020

I need to consider a rack. I just stopped at TJ’s for 10 lbs of bananas and carried them all home in my jersey. Some got a little squished lol.

Jay NADEAU Sat May 9 18:00:53 2020

Oh, yes, every bicycle needs a front rack :-)

David Parsons Sat May 9 23:01:40 2020