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Before and after

Kerchop (1)

Kerchop (2)

I’m putting couplers (and through-axle dropouts, and disk mounts, and probably some other stuff) into a frame, and today I finally got around to cutting the downtube and dry-fitting the couplers into place.

If you look closely, you’ll see that the coupler halves are not completely level with each other; that’s because the frame warped when being brazed, and went I cut the downtube the two pieces sprung in different directions. So before I braze the coupler into place I’m going to put the DS into compression so that the halves will line up square with each other and with the frame. (And then I’m going to cut the seat tube for a ritchey-style breakaway joint, so any further unwarping will show up there. Oh well; I’ll burning that bridge when I get to it.)