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Front triangle mockup

The front triangle of the disco travel bike, mocked up before I drill the bottle boss mounts & fly-by-wire ports, adjust the lugs to fit, and tweak the miters to fit. As it sits right now (with extra headtube that I’ll cut off before I glue everything together) it’s 1360 grams, so it will be a little over 2kg when I get all the pieces brazed together.

The planned features of this thing are

  1. flat mount disc brake on the rear wheel (the front wheel is just going to be ISO mount because that’s the fork I brazed together.)
  2. SON SL (connectorless) dynamo wiring.
  3. S&S couplers, of course (I melted them out of a Rodriguez that I traded a rack for; the rest of the frame is sitting forlornly in my living room waiting to be chopped apart for the tubes.)
  4. O/S tubing (7/4/7 tt, 7/45/7 DT)
  5. fly-by-wire 2x11 (an 11-34 cassette if I can get them in MTB width, otherwise an 11-36, and either 46/28 or 48/36 biopace double chainrings – 37 or 43t maximum, which will be riiight up at the limit for a GS rear derailleur (I have a 11-42 pieplate, and a 6870 GS dangler can shift it without being drawn completely taut, so I’m guardedly hopeful that I can at least do 37t chain pull without trouble)) in my standard kitbashed mix of 6770 & 6870 parts.

I think that I’ll live dangerously and paint this one (in BRIGHT PURPLE) before I put it together and ride it instead of my traditional riding the thing for a few thousand km before stripping it and painting it.