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Framebuilding tool time

The Dimpler

A chainstay dimpling tool for chainstays that are inconsiderately attached to the bicycle and can’t be set in a vice for dimpling. It’s made from the backside of a golf club (an iron?), a 3" clamp, and either a 1⅛“ or 1” (depending on what sort of chainstay I’m dlimpling today) tubing block. The tubing block isn’t attached to the clamp, but the golf club part is; there are 2 m5 holes tapped into the back of the club part, and I notched the sides of the clamping face so when I bolt them together the club part won’t drift during a dimpling.

It takes a while to cut the back off a golf club head when all you’ve got is a hacksaw. Fortunately club heads aren’t made of a super-tough aerospace alloy but are just stainless(?) steel.