This Space for Rent

Frame 9.5

Cleaned up and ready for one last look for gaps in the brazing (and to put fender eyelets on the rear dropouts)

Soaked to remove the flux, then sanded/wirebrushed/filed/ground to clean up charred flux fragments & blobs of brass, and waiting for me to (sigh) go back and put the fender eyelets on the rear dropouts that I forgot to do when brazing everything together & to poke all the voids with a pin to see if they are actually voids (which will need to have more brass flowed into them) or just where the brass got sucked deeply enough into the seam so I can’t see it.

And then I write “RADIATION HAZARD”, “FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY”, “PROTOTYPE”, and “BEWARE OF THE LEOPARD” on it and mail it off to the rider who volunteered to be a guinea pig/test pilot for my frames.

(Frame 8.5– my traditional randonneuse – is sitting in the corner of my bike mess waiting for some free time for me to finish the front rack, fabricate some wiring harnesses, and assemble everything, and Frame 7.5 – my xtracycle replacement – is waiting for me to set up a jig for the rear triangle so I can finish brazing it together.)