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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Waiting for the migration to finish

Flickr’s new corporate overlords decided to move their (bazillion) photos off whoever owns yahoo these days to bezoscloud, decided that wednesday was a good day to do the easy overnight migration, and, as is traditional, the easy overnight migration ended up taking about 40 hours. (Hopefully the systems engineering people who were doing the big push got some sleep in the middle of this job, and will be given a week or so off with pay after the last bits of debris stop bouncing.) To take away the sting of having flickr just not be there for a while, they did a contest involving a print of the flickr “we are dead” panda, and Dust Mite wanted in on it. Sooo, here’s Dust Mite and the 2D proxy of W. A. D. Panda forlornly looking at the still-dead screen on the flickr Unix (iOS, not the other one) app about 30 minutes before the app unlocked itself.