This Space for Rent

Another one bites the dust


Finishing the last bottle of Bridgeport IPA I’m likely to ever drink, thanks to the brewery closing down 3 weeks ago after the conglomerate that owned it decided that the land was worth more to scrape and put apartments on than it would be to keep running as a brewery (I’m sure that they’ll get a contract brewery to make something that’s almost, but not quite, entirely like Bridgeport, which they’ll sell as Bridgeport IPA in the way that the Rene Herse name has been scraped and is now being used to sell the bicycle equivalent of washing powder.)

RIP Bridgeport. You kept brewing in Portland going a little while longer after the Weinhard brewery was scraped. Now it’s only Widmer that’s perfuming the air with the occasional blast of hops (and at least being under the Fremont Bridge & across from Albina Yard means that that land isn’t quite so valuable as the Pearl District) for now.