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Ominous tuneless whistling

Pedersen racing minivelo sketch

A Dursley-Pedersen frame sized for 24" wheels and without a sternum punch front-end. I think I’ve got enough appropriately-sized tubing to build this frame (and maybe enough to build a D-P fork) and a proper front rack for the thing.


Are the narrow lines to the top of the seat tube construction lines (checking angles in the parallelogram?) or do they represent a material something? (cables?)

Graydon Thu Oct 18 12:08:32 2018

The rear one is possibly a cable, possibly tubing; the front is possibly a cable, possibly just a line. The standard D-P uses a suspended saddle, and on the mens machine it perches on a line running from the ST to the HT (tensioned by the weight of the rider, so if you stand the saddle comes after you and tries to tangle up in your crotch) – I’m not going to do that, so I’m trying to decide whether to do tensioned cables running from the rear dropouts up to close to the top of the seatpost and then down to the HT suspension-bridge style or whether to follow the lead of the mixte D-P and have a pair of tubes running up from the rear dropout to close to the top of the ST (in either case I’m going to have a seatmast on top of the D-P’s teeny tubes, then put a regular old Berthoud or Cambium on top.)

In any case, drawing the lines is useful for sizing.

Orc Thu Oct 18 15:48:41 2018