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Starting another frame

Xtracycle front triangle

Finally starting on the xtracycle frame, with the easy part (aka the front triangle) the first thing under the torch. This one is 73°/73°, with an ~600mm ETT (slightly sloped; I’d planned for a .5° slope, but I think it turned out to be closer to 1°) and a 110(ish)mm HT. As is traditional, my xtracycle is going to have the most aggressive saddle->bar drop of all of my bicycles, but that’s only a matter of ±10mm between the lot of them (unless I use a stack of spacers under the gravel®©™ bike’s stem), but in any case this is going to take a while to build because I need to think up a jig to hold all of the fiddly tubes of an extracycle rear triangle together and in line before I finish it.