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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Setting up the jig

We’re setting up the jig for my next two (maybe next three, depending on how much BB drop I’m going to want to put into the historical reenactment rando frame I’ve got planned) bicycle frames; I’m building the front triangles in this jig, and then I’m going to turn around and make up a different jig for the rear triangle.

This will give me the front triangles for a 73°/73°/~600mm ETT/70mm BB drop frame. There’s a bunch of lugtweaking that I need to do for the rear triangle (I need about a 64° ST/CS angle, and I believe this BB shell has the lugs cast at ~62°; on top of that I need to adjust the outwards angles of the lugs because the CSs are diverging more than the lug angles.

Sometime tomorrow I need to put these tubes out and drill them for bottle bosses and a DT port for wiring (I don’t have the courage to do a Herse-style wiper on the steertube!), then cut the ST down so I can fit a ST/TT lug into place, then stroll on out to the garage and glue at least this guy together.