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wide rims, narrow tires, and bumpy gravel; not the best combination for tubeless tires

tubeless tire vs rim

When I went over to Trader Joe’s today, I returned – as is traditional – via a roundabout loop through the highlands of SE Portland, taking in as many of the unimproved roads as I could in the process of the trip. Alas, this did not end up working well for the emergency randonneuse’s remaining tubeless tire – some of the sections of unimproved road were really unimproved, which made the rear tire start to burp, and it didn’t take too much of that before the tire seal just gave up the ghost and fell into a long slow deflation (slow enough so I could ride it, notice when it was getting low, then pump in some air to bring it back up to a reasonable pressure, but not so slow I could make it home w/o having to refill the tire twice.!)

So since it’s summertime I think I’m going to yank off the fenders and put in a pair of Flat Magnets (Pacenti Pari-Motos) and see how they work on this machine. (It’s designed for Hutchinson Confréries, so going from 33mm to 38mm should not be a problem for anything other than brake bridge fender clearance.) Pity it’s not possible to get pink 45mm Planet Bike fenders any more, but as a substitution maybe I can fit a set of V-O Zeppelins into the frame?