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Three frames to build

Three more frames, maybe?

Top to bottom:

  1. 650b gravel®™© frame with clearance for 60mm tires (though the tires I’m using are a pair of WTB Horizons I picked up used.)
  2. 26" smaller-rando frame for the 25" wheelset (26×1.5" tires) I laced up last month.
  3. The long-anticipated xtracycle replacement frame

All of them are going to be paired 73° HTA & STA, with level/levelish(xtracycle) toptubes, and all built with the sort of insanely long TT that I prefer. At least one of them is going to have a seat mast, though I may end up just cutting a traditional seattube very short instead of also fabricating a mast cap for the saddle.

This will, if I get them finished, bring me up to 9 frames I’ve built (the kit bike is dead, and I botched the first attempt at the 3-speed project frame badly enough so I abandoned it after sloppily brazing the chainstays on, but I’ve still got 3 bikes I’m riding and one frame that ended up in North Carolina.)