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I’m not sure if I trust the hub on this machine

The mysterious 3ixie

The IGH project bike was set aside last fall because the s3x hub had stopped fixieing in the 1:1 gear, but when I pulled it out from my bike mess just this afternoon to rebuild the rear wheel with a more-conventional Sturmey-Archer hub (a SRF3) the hub had learned its lesson and was being a fixed gear once again (but only until I shifted out of the 1:1 gear; if I did that it went back to freewheeling until I backpedaled a little bit and rattled the clutch/shifter rod back into place. So, yay, it’s a functional 3ixie again, but I don’t know for how long and if it’s worth risking taking it out on a brevet (because boy it would be annoying to spin 30 miles back into town if all I had was one of the climbing gears!)

It is really nice to be on a fixed-gear (a.k.a. WYSIAYG) again, even if it’s an adventurebike (where the adventure is wondering if I would make it back home in my 1:1 gear.)