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Oh, no, the scourge of taxes

From ebay today:

eBay supports tax policy that is fair to entrepreneurs, artisans and small businesses and opposes efforts to impose taxes that are harmful to sellers like you, who are vital to the American economy. For all the small business sellers that use eBay there has never been a more critical time to stand against new and unfair Internet taxes.

“Unfair”, says the organization that charges a 10% auctioneer fee on sales. OH NOES, WE (and by “we”, they mean “ebay” – if it was a cost that the sellers had to eat ebay would laugh and say “sucks to be you” as they collect the taxes at the point of sale and then hold them for interest until the last possible minute they might have to pay) MIGHT HAVE TO PAY FEES TO THE GOVERNMENT THAT GUARANTEES THE CURRENCY THAT WE ARE USING.

I mean it in the most helpful and compassionate way when I suggest that the (overpaid) ebay upper management should go and suck an egg. You fuckers already benefit from a massive tax subsidy given by the corrupt mob that overthrew the government of the USA, so I’m not going to sign any fucking petition that will benefit you and only you.