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Code Name: Paisley

Code Name Paisley

The other of the two new cats. He looks kind of scruffy because he’s a longhaired cat, was a stray and, apparently, was completely covered with burrs when he went into a shelter was sickly when he was forced (by rental rules, ugh) into a (Utah; apparently there’s a thriving trade importing pets into Oregon, so he’s a Beehive State boy) shelter, and apparently got his coat matted & filthy while he recovered. So instead of spending several months s-l-o-w-l-y combing out the tangles they just shaved him and now we have a fractionally floofy cat.

We don’t know if he’ll keep this name or not (honestly, we give our cats so many nicknames they won’t care as long as we use the appropriate supervisor voice) but this is the shelter name he’s got.