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Thor & the alligator

Thor & the alligator

Mavis is getting lonely and neurotic, so we needed to get her a couple of friends. Currently they’re tucked into a safe room so they can settle in (I suspect that they’re already settled; these cat are so skittish that Thor was actually napping in the car when we drove them back from Purringtons Cat Lounge (one of the Portland locations where cats from the Cat Adoption Team are placed while waiting for new owners)) before we pop open the door and see just how much Mavis flips out when these two new cats start wandering about the house.


I love the implication that our obsession with cats is only to please our current cat. Noble… selfless…

And just to be clear, the dead alligator head is NOT one of the friends. The other friend is much less reptilian than that, and oranger and whiter.

The Spouse Sat Apr 28 21:52:59 2018