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Non-computer work

9x9 lowrider perimeters, ready to have
the mountpoints glued on

A 9×9 René Herse-style lowrider rack; I’m assembling the side panels first and then making a dummy fork so I can braze the mountpoints on. This rack has the lower mountpoint stay off-center because it’s going to be attached to a fork that has a mountpoint on the back of the fork leg, so it needs, even on the destination low trail fork, to be offset. (My prototype Herse-style rack, where I assembled the lower stay while the panels were mounted to the fork, is a bit more asymmetric than this one. It doesn’t matter quite so much on a rack I’m personally using – G-d only knows that symmetry is not one of my strong points – but this rack is for someone else and I need to take some care so that it’s not embarrassingly obvious.)

The top rail is not finished yet, either; I’m going to braze ball bearings into the ends of the rail so that it will look less unfinished.