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Starting to assemble frame 6.5 (or 7.5)

Dissolving the flux after gluing in the dropouts and steertube

The gravel®©™ frame is being built up with lugged dropouts, so I’m sticking them onto the chainstays & fork legs before I braze them into their corresponding components (this way I can cheat and use the dropouts as levers to help hold the stays/legs in the correct position when I clamp them into their jig of the evening. And while I was at it I decided this would be a good time to glue the steertube into the fork crown (so I can drill out the brake bolt hole & vents/wiring holes before sticking the legs in and having to work around them in the drill press), so that means all three of the subsystems are now sitting in the bathtube to soak off the remaining flux.