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Heating oil delivery

Heating oil delivery truck

We ran out of heating oil approximately 30 minutes after I called in an order for more, so I had to get some oil myself to fill in the 5-day delay (the joy of mergers; as the oil delivery business in Portland collapses down to two vendors it’s no longer quite so important to them to deliver the oil in finite time) before the delivery arrives.

If I could find a 10 gallon tank (that I could build into a tank car) I’d be tempted to start picking up all the heating oil by myself – buying it at the gas station is, even with road taxes, cheaper than having it delivered.


It gives the impression of a category populated with objects about as aerodynamic a tumbling brick, but

would seem to be the sort of thing? They price by the each; I have no idea if that means they sell by the each.

Graydon Sat Dec 16 18:11:09 2017