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Dragging out the mountainhack for the rainy season


The emergency randonneuse is being painted, the IGH project bike needs to be painted (and the both of them need fenders), and the born-again Trek needs to get a couple of mountpoints bonded to the fork before I can fender it, so it’s time for the mountainhack to ride to the rescue. Yes, it needs some painting too, but fenders do a pretty good job of keeping road filth off the unpainted fork & patch on the NDS seatstay where I brazed on a second pump peg for the replacement pump.

And lemme tell you it’s really nice having fenders on a day like today, because when I went out to pick up some odds and ends (cable stops, long fork blades so I can do a french-style conduit-bender curve w/o having a noncurved section before the dropouts) for a frame it dumped down rain for the 15 minutes it took me to get from home to Framebuilder’s Supply and the dryest parts of me+the bicycle were the parts that were protected from the rain by the fenders.