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Dead tire

A few months back when on my way to either airgas, Henry Higgins, or both, I ran over a piece of glass that, aside from the indignity of letting all the air out of my inner tube, put a substantial slash into the tire. I booted it, finished that errand, replaced the boot with a glued-in piece, then went about my business and forgot about it. Until this morning, when I pulled the trek out to so I could run out to airgas for a bottle of air – the rear tire was a bit low, so I pumped it up to ~85psi, then went go back inside to grab my helmet only to hear a muffled *bang* as the boot disintegrated and the the tube stretched and blew out through the hole.

Alas, poor Nomad 28 – it only had about 1500 miles on it (I usually get about 3k miles on them) when its life was rudely cut short.