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Fat bike, tiny rack

10x8 hunter-gatherer rack

An 10×8" rack on an Endpoint/FBM Hunter-Gatherer frame. The H-G is spaced for huge tires (a 2.4" tire only starts to look like it’s big enough) so a 47mm tire looks tiny and out of place, and, of course, the rack looms way higher than the tire does.


That is one amazing shade of purple on the bike.

If it’s any consolation about fiddly, I’ve had someone who has a whole lot of frame jigging declare they were never making another rack. They’re a special category of fiddly.

Graydon Fri Aug 25 04:35:02 2017

The business of fabricating the racks would be a lot easier if my shop wasn’t a completely disorganized mess and I could find everything w/o hours of searching!

The frameset is so not my thing, though. I may built a gravel™®© frame that has clearances for up to 50mm, but that’s tiny compared to this frame. I can’t even imagine trying to spin up a tire that fits this thing!

David Parsons Fri Aug 25 23:31:33 2017