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Friday Dust Mite Blogging™

Inspecting a damaged shipping box

Dust Mite inspects a squashed shipping box (the box contained a rack that was being sent back for adjustment after the owner cracked one of the brazes when attempting to spread the fork leg stays apart; by the time it got into my hand this was the least of the problems with the rack – the cracked fork leg stay had broken completely off, the other fork stay had buckled just past the brace, the tombstone was bent about 30° back (one leg bent & the other leg had failed at the braze) and the fork crown stay was bent 90°(!!!) up and, of course, failed the braze. The box was damaged enough so the postman rang my doorbell to tell me that the box was already mangled when he got it for delivery, and I took advantage of that to open the box where he could be a witness to the damage) to document the first time that USPS has managed to do this sort of damage.

Yes, I have filed a claim with the USPS, because I’m going to have to completely replace this rack instead of just adjusting it.