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Stealthier when it’s not painted

Stealthier when it's not painted

I took the emergency randonneuse down to Estacada this afternoon to see if anything would break. Nothing broke, but the usual crop of funny noises started happening while I was rowing my way (against, sigh, an annoyingly omnipresent headwind) back to Portland so I have to carefully check all the usual suspect joints before taking it out again (the BB started klunking when I was s-l-o-w-l-y (I’d taken some cold medicine before I headed off to try to knock down the sniffles, and it started to wear off around the time I hit Oregon City, with the expected side-affect to my moving speed) creeping along the final leg from OC to Westmoreland, so either a braze has failed (doesn’t seem to have; I can shove the BB sideways without a klunk or creak or crackling noise), something has slid a bit out of alignment in the shifting arrangement (possible; I tweaked the rear derailer tension in transit because the chain was rubbing on 48:14), or something in the crankset or the BB bearings want some attention.