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A pile of tubing lashed to the TT

Picking up a mess of tubing from Henry James (2 .8/.56/.7 downtubes, 1 .7/1.0 seattube, 1 .9/.6/.9 TT, and a 1" steertube for good luck) so I can pour them into making Yet Another bicycle frame after I finish the 3-speed frame, Feeling Lucky?, and a third frame from last year. Probably the xtracycle replacement (though now that xtracycle has pulled their frame specs behind an NDAwall I’m going to have to reverse-engineer the mountpoints for the saddlebag hoops. This is not as horrible as it sounds, even with my traditional complete and utter inability to detect a straight line, because there are a couple of changes I want to make to make the back end of the hypothetical-until-I-start-mitering-the-tubing longtail be more content around a 700×32c (Resist Nomad 35; a bit more footprint than the 28 for heavier loads) tire and be able to tow another bicycle without putting the axle mount waaaay out past the end of the rear wheel for maximum wag-the-dog effect) though I do reserve the right to use the tubes for an emergency replacement for the emergency randonneuse if I managed to fuck up a joint and it breaks before I’ve melted through enough brass to reach these tubes.

Note that the 600mm effective TT leaves me with lots of room to wedge long tubes into the front triangle without having them foul the rear wheel or the front rack; not intended, but a pleasant extra feature of this frame.