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Valve’s-eye view

Every now and then I actually get the logos to line up

A through-axle disc wheel for sizing Hunter-Gatherer racks properly over semi-fat tires (I have a couple of 2.35" Vittoria “Sturdy” tires for fitting purposes, which work out to be more on the order of 2.5" when you include the tread) that I built this morning out of random parts in my bike mess. It does have a new T-A hub on it, so I didn’t have to try to work out how to fit the spokes into the dents left by the previous wheelbuild and could instead concentrate on lining up the spokes & hub so that (a) there was a proper window around the valve hole and (b) the valve’s-eye view of the hub was centered on the logo.

(Taken with my Pentax Auto 110/24mm lens on a NEX-3 w/o flash; the NEX-3 has to fight for photons when it’s a low-light situation, so the photo is pretty soft)