This Space for Rent



Almost built up. Only a few things remain to be done to this machine:

  1. braze on rear canti posts
  2. cut off and reposition the seatstay fender mount (which, despite measuring, ended up about 1cm closer to the wheel than I wanted!)
  3. reposition the rear brake’s rear brake cable stop (it’s too far back – the cable needs to sinuously wiggle around to get from the stop to the travel agent.)
  4. braze on a Columbine chain hanger (I need to do most of the other stuff on this list before I do this, because it’s up at Framebuilder Supply waiting for me to pick up an order.
  5. drill wiring ports for the taillight
  6. braze on a mountpoint for the taillight
  7. build a new fork (the one here – the one from the kit bike – doesn’t have a steertube that’s long enough for this frame. It only sticks about an inch up into the stem, so the bicycle is only one fast stop or pothole away from the stem popping loose and flinging me over the handlebars into traffic.) I’ll stick lowrider mounts onto the new fork, too, so I can build a pair of lowriders & panniers for myself.

For paranoia’s sake (and for the sake of it being in the high 90s F this weekend) I’m not going to take it out of town until I’ve put a fistful of in-town trips on it. But soon, though, soon.