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Framebuilding, finally

A little jig of despair?

This time around I’m fabricating a frame jig to align the frame tubes (and lugs as appropriate) so that I don’t end up with bizarre geometry mixups like I did on the kit bike (though the criterium-style 74.5° HTA turned out to be lagniappe of the best kind) and it’s letting me catch glitches like this one where either I measured the TT as too long or the DT as too short before I’ve brazed everything together.

Also this photo was taken with my Pentax Auto 110/24mm lens, which has a focal circle that’s a juuust a little bit smaller than the sensor on my latest CBC (Sony NEX-3; last year’s model™ so the camera bodies, but not the lenses, cost about as much as a point-and-shoot camera) so there’s a small, but noticeable, lensbaby-style loss of image quality as the far corners of the frame.