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Pinhole camera of destiny

Rube Goldberg pinhole camera

Playing around with a rube goldberg-style lens on a digital camera back (a Sony NEX 3; no optical viewfinder – it does have a tiltable LCD display so I can use that as a waist-level finder – and my Loreo “lens in a cap” toy/art lens) to get photos of the quality that I was getting when I was first playing around with film cameras almost 50 years ago. I’m going to get an adapter so I can use my m42 & Pentax 110 lenses on this thing (including the “lens in a cap” lens, which has enough optics in it to mess up infinity when I’ve got the lens pressed against the e-mount ring on the camera back instead of floating forwards ~20mm to be at the normal m42 focal distance) but until I do I can kludge around with what I’ve got.