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Fork, fork, fork!

A new fork for an old bicycle, #1

To warm up for a round of framebuilding, I’m building up some forks to go with some of the old frames I’ve been given. This Specialized Sirrus (ca 1990?) came to me as a lightly bent frameset (the rear triangle needs to be realigned) which was otherwise in too good shape to cut apart for parts, so of course I looked at it as a candidate for 650b conversion – it turned out that the only thing that wasn’t a good candidate was the fork, which was wide enough for Confreries, but not anything bigger. If I was going to keep the machine, this would be fine, but (a) I already have 2 (3 when I finish the emergency randonneuse) 650b rando bikes (4 if you count the GT) and (b) the American fashion for 650b is really fat tires and even 38mm tires are considered scandalously tiny.

Thus this new threadless fork, built around a 7° angled crown and with rack mountpoints at the classic R/R/K 140mm down from the brake bolt hole. Left uncut, because if I give it away it’s not likely the recipient will share my idea of a comfortable riding position.