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Back to bagel duty

Back on bagel duty

Picking up a couple of dozen bagels from Henry Higgins. The Schwalbe G-Ones are a pretty good substitute for the flat magnets and, despite having a larger wind profile (‘cuz ~40mm as opposed to the 36-37mm of the Pari-Moto) still let me move along at a comfortable speed.

They’re also a pain to properly fit onto these Zac-19 rims. I still need to use soapy water and a pre-inflate to ~80psi to slide the bead into place all the way around the rim (I bring them down to ~45psi for riding; low enough so I don’t risk splitting the rim, high enough so I don’t spend all of my pedalling energy deforming the tires) so that’s either an argument for different tires or rims on this thing (so far the only tires I’ve tried that have just fit have been the Nokian A10 studded tires, which fall into place on the Zac19 as if they were developed on them. I suspect that the Col de la Vie tire would behave much the same, so I’ll need to try them out sooner or later) but not any of my Confreries or tubeless-ready rims.