This Space for Rent

Yes, I believe this counts as “ROAD CLOSED”

Well, there goes faraday road (again)

Faraday Road (the old chunk of OR 224 that connects the Faraday & North Fork hydroelectric plants) is built around a point of land that’s basically an immobile landslide. Every now and then it mobilizes; the road around this point of land is reduced to a single lane with a rock cage retaining wall protecting it from the landslide. Well, this winter’s landslide doesn’t think very much of that retaining wall, and from looking at it from the other side of the jersey barriers I’d guess that the hillside is piled up right against that retaining wall and little bits of it are spilling over the top every time the slide adjusts itself.

Sadly, this meant that I had to take the new OR224 to get back into civilization from here, which involved a couple of miles of 6% grade up to the top of the gorge, then a couple of miles of 7% grade back down to the vicinity of the river. Not the most pleasant thing to do on a hot spring afternoon.