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Annoying Open Source®©™ feature of the day

Scons. Aka “makefiles are confuuuuuusing, so let’s replace them with python code.” In the grand scheme of things, it’s not the most mindboggling stupid fashion that has infested the Open Source®©™ world (The lovecraftian tentacular mess that is gnu configure is a strong contender for that, particularly when it’s used on a Linux-specific package like FUSE – why, yes, I want to run autogenwrapper→​autogen→​automake→​configure before I can run a make on a package that’s guaranteed by design to NOT BE PORTABLE) but it takes a particularly daft sort of navel gazing to think that having to install an effing python toolchain and then having to write code in that TDVL is in ANY way easier than having to remember to do tab indents.

Jesus, what a unspeakable bit of autoerotic software development.



Graydon Tue May 9 16:03:33 2017

Thrice-damned vanity language

David Parsons Tue May 9 16:20:39 2017

Thank you!

That’s a broadly applicable label.

Graydon Tue May 9 17:16:10 2017