This Space for Rent

Now that’s annoying


I got home from downtown this afternoon to discover my garage door swinging idly in the wind. It turns out that it was swinging idly in the wind because someone had broken into the garage and stolen my brazing torch & my no-longer-used bernzomatic mini-torch (while leaving all the yard tools and bicycle frames I’d kept in there alone?)

Sigh. I guess this means that it’s time for me to get off my butt and tear off the front of the garage and replace it with an actual wall (and replace the cutaway on the roof so that the actual wall/door won’t get watersoaked and rot away like the current one is in the process of doing.) And also to buy a new torch, oxygen/acetylene tanks, and a metal case that I can bolt to the floor, then lock them into.

But as for today; brb, off to the hardware store to buy a new lock.