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Taking the flat magnets out for a ride in the country

Authorized enough for me

I took the mountainhack down to Estacada this afternoon, and my middling-time loop was made a little slower when the front tire ate a piece of glass as I was crossing the Eagle Creek bridge (~15 minutes to look for the offending piece of glass + replace the tube (I started carrying co2 when it became painfully obvious that the frame pumps I carry don’t have the puff needed to inflate a Pari-Moto) and an additional 10 minutes of ride time because the pari-moto didn’t reseat properly and left a low spot that went thump~ thump! thump! all the way home.

Both tires now have a few oz of latex anti-flat goo in them which will hopefully diminish the deflation qualities of the fine shattered glass fragments I find along the edges of American™ byways.