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Dropping off the beta bandwagon

The Trek at Harbor Freight (upload glitch)

I’d been in the public beta program for macosx for a while, letting Apple shovel new versions of their latest&greatest onto my macbook at random intervals, and slowly growing more and more irritated with the whole thing because for some inexplicable reason the effing beta releases kept overwriting my ssh config files. Yesterday morning they popped another beta version onto my machine which overwrote, again, /etc/ssh/ssh_config (as well as everything else in /etc/ssh) and I snapped and pulled my mac out of their program.

But not, apparently, in time; they;d done something to their webkit which broke flickr – not only did uploads fail (leaving me with corrupted files on my flickr photostream – but the image editing page was broken to the point where I couldn’t change photo attributes anymore. It still worked with Firefox, which is something, I guess, and probably also worked with Chrome, but both of those browsers are just a little bit too tab-happy for my tastes, so I instead I decided to reset my mac, then reload it to macos from the night before the latest version was wedged onto the machine (and then dart on in the morning and turn off the stupid beta program – again – before the app store realized that there was a new über-buggy version that it needed to download and install.))

Ugh. What an utter pain.