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Code 128 barcode

My q&d Code 128 generating program code128 has been pushed up to version 0.4 because when I was in the throes of getting it to work with more recent versions of the GD graphics library (not much needed to be done to code128 to make it work, but libgd was a bit of a pain because not have its maintainers gone to using GNU autoconfigure [for maximum portability to both Redhat and Debian!!!], they switched from Make to Cmake [on Unix. If you want libgd on Netware or Windows they’ve still got makefiles] to ensure that nobody else can build the damned thing. So I used and a handmade to get a libgd that builds on MacOS & Redhat [but not FreeBSD 4, because for portability they assume that nobody will use anything older than gcc 4])

But anyway, after I got a libgd that actually built on redhat and macos, I generated a few barcodes and scanned them with an online barcode scanner. And they didn’t scan. So I took a look at the spec and realized that I’d messed up the checksum computation and had to redo it so it worked.

And thus version 0.4 for your viewing enjoyment. No CODEC numeric compression support, no FNC4 shift to get characters $80-$FF, but it seems to be fine for 7-bit usascii barcodes. Try it out and see if you can get your computer to barcode itself.