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Semi-bespoke fop chariot


I was getting ready to pull the fork & rack so I could repaint them, but then the kit bike died and I had to put that project aside pending gluing up the emergency randonneuse. So here it sits, still being used; the BB has started to creak on the NDS (either the bearings, the joint between the crank arm and the spindle, the chainstay<->BB braze, or the pedal; I checked the chainstays (and the seatstays, though if one of them had failed I’d know it because the mountainhack would start to plane like it was going out of style) dumped oil into the pedal this morning before heading out, so they were nt it; tonight I’ll need to pull the BB and replace it with a newer one that I’d bought with last year’s REI dividend and see if that will fix the offending wagon.

But here it is, in full free pile glory; almost every component stuck to this frame is worth more than the frame itself, unless there happens to be some collectable value in it being the first frame I (fractionally) built.