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The emergency randonneuse

drawn with rattlecad -- ignore the OBVIOUSLY WRONG seatstays

The replacement for the broken-and-probably-dead kit bike; it’s drawn with RattleCAD, so ignore the (obviously-wrong) non-Hellenic stays. Still criterion geometry w/ a 74.5 HTA (slackened slightly for the sake of the lugs with a sloping TT) but the ST has been steepened to 73.5 to lean me further towards the handlebars and to relax the manipulation I’ll need to do to fit the DT & ST into the bottom bracket.

I need to buy a BB (something with longish lugs so I can spread the rotational forces on the BB/ST interface across more of the ST), a ST (the only ST lugs I have are a pair of stamped economy ones; they’re good lugs, but they don’t look nearly as good as the delicate HT lugs I bought from Framebuildersupply last summer and would require some cosmetic work to make them match – I want to get the emergency randonneur finished and on the road before spring break, and I’ve also a fistful of racks to work on so my time is fairly constrained.)

And, yes, I could use the Mountainhack but it’s got fat tires (Pari-Motos) under it so it’s not as fast as a tubelessly Confrérie'ed machine would be, and the fender line on it is set up for the Nokian A10s I use when it’s snowy/icy out, so it would look kind of klunky with smaller tires trying to reach the fender line.

(parts needed: chainstays, ST lug, BB, maybe an 8/5/8 DT.)